Youpornsex chat

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Youpornsex chat

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I'm 45 years old and never not been hard when with a man.Being sold to Mind Geek can almost certainly guarantee that Sean Cody will switch to condom only scenes—assuming Sean Cody as a studio keeps producing content.Mind Geek’s only other major gay property that produces original content,, is 100% condoms, so they’ll undoubtedly require the same safety protocols for Sean Cody, too.has been floating around for years (I first heard rumors that another straight porn conglomerate, AEBN, was going to buy Sean Cody back in 2011, but they didn’t offer enough money), and it was finally confirmed today after a commenter on The Sword for the past year, Sean Cody has been struggling to maintain the quality (both in terms of models and production) they became famous for after launching in 2001, and this sale explains a lot. Cody himself just isn’t invested in the company anymore, so he’s decided to move on to bigger and better things.But what could be better than Sean Cody, when they were ?

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