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I've made some positive changes with my diet and exerci... guys that are into a health life style.including eating healthy and making healthy personal choices. About Me: My gruff no nonsense personality reminds some guys of an old fashion high school or college coach if that appeals to you get back to me.

Psychologist and Relationships Coach Sam Owen sums up the senior dating situation thusly: ‘'You are far from alone: being single in your 50s is increasingly common – so don’t beat yourself up about it or feel despondent.About Me: Easy going and down to earth guy looking to meet some new friends and make connections with other guys that are into health and fitness. About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking to meet a grounded guy(s) more LTR oriented. The exercises I'm listing is more what I want to do, or get back to doing - need some motivation. cyberspace is a nice distraction, but nothin beats the real thing!! About Guys I Want To Meet: Im not interested in just to look a body or a face, not interested in a big, medium, or small dick , IM INTO PERSONS. About Me: i'm a pretty active person, i love to bike around, (luckily enough i can do that all yr round here), i recently started swimming and am really enjoying the challenge of it. About Guys I Want To Meet: looking to meet some interesting people who have good attitudes. Like keeping active and having fun doing just bout anything. Like i said i m a masc or str8 acting what ever u wanna call it, and thats the kinda guy i look for. I'm not much into the party scene and would rather hook up with guys for physical activity and gym talk.... I don't live in Ladner anymore, I can't seem to change my name on here. guys who have a good life and are interesed in fun times together. Looking for FRIENDS MASCULINE, VARONILE, HONEST , KIND people. No estoy interesado solamente en ver un rostro o un cuerpo, o penes grandes, medianos o chi... i love the technical aspect of it, every stroke has its purpose. usually attracted to guys who have the mediteranean look. would like to meet someone who likes me for me and wants to always want to learn more. Care for each other so you can be dangerous together.™ Sex and Intimacy can not just be talked about they need to be experienced.When we feel secure in our intimate connection we can show up for ourselves, our partners and the world in our full aliveness.

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[image: via pixabay] Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet?

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