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Validating numeric values in c net

For example: when i spread my script to the public i cannot require users to only use numbers as string or as integer.

For those situation i wrote my own function which handles all inconveniences of other functions and which is not depending on regular expressions.

If that's what you want, use is_int(filter_var($val, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT)) instead.

between -128 and 255 inclusive is provided, it is interpreted as the ASCII value of a single character (negative values have 256 added in order to allow characters in the Extended ASCII range).

Any other integer is interpreted as a string containing the decimal digits of the integer.

It returns true in case of negative integers and false in case of strings that contain negative integers .

example:is_digit(-10); // returns tureis_digit('-10'); // returns false Please note that ctype_digit() will say true for strings such as '00001', which are not technically valid representations of integers, while saying false to strings such as '-1', which are.

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My function only accepts numbers regardless whether they are in string or in integer format.