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Ten minutedating com

panel For text messages: forwarding any text message spam you get to the short code ? I TOLD HIM NEVER TO CALL WORK AGAIN WHICH I DON'T THINK THEY HAVE?I HAVE HAD PAYDAY LOANS & KEPT ASKING HOW COME IT DIDN'T COME OUT OF MY BANK ACCT- THEY SAID THAT I HAD TO GO TO COURT TOMORROW & OWED THAT INCLUDED THE LOAN W CRT- FEES, ETC- THEY GAVE ME AN , WHICH IS ALWAYS BUSY- THEN THEY CALLED FROM , WHICH SAID VERIZON IS DISCONNECTED-THINK KEEP CHANGING #'S- THEN GAVE ME A , # & SOUNDED LIKE CALL CENTER- DID MARKET RESEARCH BEFORE SO SOUNDED LIKE THAT-COULD HEAR PEOPLE IN BACKGROUND- THEY ALL HAVE AN INDIAN ACCT- MY AIRLINE CONTRACTED OUT SO GET THEM WHEN MAKE RES, UNITED DOES AS WELL ALONG W OTHERS- I SAID I WANTED AN ADD- & WANTED TO GO THERE WHEN I'M BACK IN TOWN FOR OUT OF TOWN FOR WKS- I SAID CAN I MEET YOU FACE-TO-FACE-KATHY MARTIN BUT INDIAN ACCENT AS WELL-SHE SAID YES TODAY- I SAID I CAN MEET YOU JULY WHEN I'M BACK- THEY ALL MAKE THESE FRUSTRATED NOISES & INTIMIDATE BY DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE SAYING?King Size Movers LLC Winchester, VA, , We offer commercial and residenial, local and long distance moving- We will satisfy your moving requirements Don't wait, call us now Mover, Moving, Moving Company, Moving Service, Local Mover kingsizemovers-comaha, The phone rings, you pick up, nobody is there- This is called an abandoned call (in telemarketing lingo)- What they are doing is putting out thousands of calls per minute, and if one of their telemarketing operators is available, they'll pick up on the other end- Of course, they never are, so your phone rings and nobody is there Been getting about call a day starting in late August- Usually get the call in late afternoon, never leaves a message though- Caller ID says 'Unavailable'- Assume it is a telemarketer- Time to block it They have two () seconds to respond when you say Hello- If there is no answer within seconds- The company may be reported to the FTC as an abandoned caller-This is illegal and it doesn't matter if they are a valid caller or not; this includes- Robo Calls (see: notes-com news new-rules-for-robocalls ) Established Business Relations (EBR), Non-profit callers, Debt Collectors- Of course, if it's a friend, you may want to give them some slack- ;-)These calls may be reported to the FTC; Fraud calls should be reported to the FCC; but, most fraud still should be reported to FTC- If you don't know which, report to the FTC-EBR calls: Send a registered letter "requesting" them to cease; if they don't stop after that, contact your state's attorney general- If they are an EBR and calling because you owe them money, see your rights below-Fraudulent Non-profit (ex: Company offers vacation; but, are really trying to sell something) report to FTC-You have many rights covered by the laws of this country and your state, (see: www-google-com search? He called on April th- Was to be back in town April , - He's email address is email Just got a weird call from this number "hey What's up? " ((was really windy wherever he was)) He answered "Whatcha doin'?

SO UNPROFESSIONAL & I NEVER GOT THE - E-MAILS THEY SAID THEY SENT- THEY SAID THIS IS A PAPERLESS LOAN SO THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T GET ANYTHING IN THE MAIL- WHAT LAW FIRM WOULD NOT MAIL ANYTHING?Just to let you know they almost got my butt, until a couple of people at work got on the interent and look up the number- I was getting ready to go and get the money and put it on a Green Dot card, they wouldn't take it off of my debt it- I would just to thank you for your information, That Guy Mark Johnson just called me at work Oct , - Was telling me the same thing to ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER: Call - Ask for Jonathan- Tell him that you will call him times per day if your name is not removed from their list- The company calling you is: www-asiapremieronesource-com This Guy Robert Brown is a fraud- He tried to tell me that he is fed grants department employee-And he wanted my bank a c info so he can deposit my grant money in my a c- i dont know i should go to the police or not bacause i did not recorded the conversation- If he call me next time i sure will go to the police Just received call from , The receptionist on phone was very rude when I ask what company she was calling for and what her survey was about- I felt since she called my number, this is a fair question- She responded by saying if I would be quiet long enough, she would continue, in which she did not answer the question, therefore, I hung up the phone- This company needs to re-evaluate their staff with their call center since her call was useless This is a scam They prey on people who apply for short term loans and promise to- Help- They're- Going to ask for st payment- Insurance- And taxes- You are not supposed to pay taxes- On a loan- It is- Not income- They are really- Convincing- They say no- No- This- Is not- A scam and- Suck you in further- Until- You feel you have no choice but to move forward- Watch OUT FOR BOB AND DENNY OR DANNY I CANT WAIT TO GIVE ALL MY DOCUMENTS TO- THE FBI- CAN SOMEONE- PLEASE PUT THESE- POOR EXCUSES FOR HUMAN BEINGS OUT OF COMMISION DANNY I Want- My money- Back I received calls from "New Brunswic, NJ", same phone #- On the first call the woman wouldn't speak to me about the call, only my husband (not home, she said she'd call back)- Second call the woman would talk to me about renewing my "Coastal Living" magazine subscription (they had sent it to me a year ago on their own-) I interrupted the sales pitch, said nicely that I wouldn't renew, interrupted the nd sales pitch to ask to be removed from the phone list and she was nice as pie- Good luck Same thing,asked nicely to remove my number- He said he couldn't- I asked for a supervisor and another Indian voice told me they weren't selling anything- I asked him to remove the number anyway- He started to threaten me with some bologna and I hung up and reported the number online Someone from this phone number called my house times today the first times they got my elderly mother and she said she could not understand what they were telling her to do- The last call I picked up the phone and he asked me what happen to call cause he was disconnected, he was very rude and said he was the manager I told him if he is the manager then do not call my &^%@ number again cause I am recording these calls, he was trying to talk over me but when I said that, he then hung up- Sick of these calls what can be done about Did press '# and they still keep calling- When i call back, it simply states "Welcome to the customer service department, please press for a customer representative or to be removed from our list" Pressing just starts the recording all over again, after times of pressing , they hung up Called to tell me my business had won free beers and appetizers for a pub because I was in the drawing and won- (I don't remember putting my card in one of those things ever) Wanted me to tell someone how excited I was on speaker phone and I couldn't tell what he had said so I didn't respond, when he came back to the phone he said I wasn't excited enough and he was going to have to take it back- Weirdest call I have gotten in a while, not sure if it was a prank or a scam Lakewood Auto Glass Clark Ave, Lakewood, CA www-autoglassyou-com autowindowrepairlakewoodca-info With over years of experience in the industry, we'll make sure your windshield gets installed right the first time- We use top of the line materials and parts to ensure you have peace of mind-Windshield Replacement, Auto Window Repair, Auto Glass Replacement, Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Shop I got a call at work from this # asking for ext - I said may I ask who's calling & he said sure,& stopped there- I said excuse me & he said you can ask but I don't have to disclose- I said I don't have to transfer the call if you won't disclose it & he hung up on me- I looked up the # on Yellow Book & it was The College Network- I called back & told them to remove my #- We'll see what happens Got a call today, asking if I was expecting a package from Global International- They are supposedly delivering the package tomorrow- I told the woman I was not expecting a package from that company, but go ahead and deliver it Edwin's Glorious Gardens LLC W Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA www-edwinsgloriousgardens-com Edwin's Glorious Gardens LLC is a professional landscaper offering hardscaping, garden designs and landscaping designs in the area of Bryn Mawr, PALandscaping Contractors, Hardscaping, Garden Designs, Landscaping Designs, Landscaper I'm on every do-not-call list available- I don't know how they justify calling me- But when I return the call they simply hang up, no hello, no nothing,pick up, then hang up- The need to go away forever)k)@@@email @@@@ @apiuoua? This is SPAMI am getting - calls per day from these guys- My answering machine is full when I get home and there is no message- I see that I will get three calls within ten minutes of each other sometimes- Who do I contact to stop this Called didn't leave a message and when I called back the number said they were collecting money for State Troopers Fundraiser- Kept hounding me to saying I need to guarantee then a donation- Finally I hung up I answered and it was a recorded message about lowering your interest rates on credit cards- You're supposed to press to be connected, to stop rec'ing offers- Obviously, I pressed , but I doubt it'll stopi was working from home today to receive the call from same number as above- i did not talk or say anything- but just hung up the call as just few days ago read in newspaper , an article from IRS warning public about the same-Shared the same news to all my friends to be aware of I have received a suspicious message from Premium Gifting, also- The message assures me that they are not telemarketers, that they know I am on the "Do Not Call List" so obviously they wouldn't be calling me if they weren't legitimate, that I had won a prize, and that I was eligible for one of four more including a new car- This is obviously a new scam but I don't have the time or inclination to expose it- If I had really won a prize, I would receive notice of it in the mail- Legitimate companies don't act this way- The number they called from is a Chicago number: , As they are in the USA, these people could get into some trouble for pulling scams- If anyone is interested, take a look at their hinky website: premiumgifting-com I am getting numerous calls from this number too- And I also do not pick up if I do not know the caller-And like most self-sufficient people, I am perfectly capable of proactively subscribing to publications if I feel so inclined, purchasing things when I actually need them, making charitable contributions, and so forth, so repeated nuisance calls do not endear me to the caller, or the organization company vendor they represent The DNC list does not apply to political groups or to charities- So (if the call is legit) no one was breaking the law- However, most of the people who are calling you tend to be scammers who ARE breaking the law- The good news is that because of the DNC we know that most of the companies calling us are just 'phishing' for our credit card information; some of the 'charities' are little better than outright crooks, they might send some small (as in TINY) percentage of the donations to an actual charity- Don't fall for it- If you want to donate to a charity or to a political party, get a mailing address or a good website to do it AS YOU CAN SEE, THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM- IF YOU ARE BORED, CALL THEM ON THE TOLL FREE NUMBER , X and MARK WILL ALWAYS ANSWER- USE SKYPE TO MAKE THE CALLS- IT REALLY SCREWS THEM UP IF YOU USE YOUR PHONE, MAKE SURE YOU * YOUR CALL BECAUSE THEY HAVE CALLER ID- IT's FUN TO MESS WITH THEM IF YOU ARE BORED- GIVE THEM FAKE NAMES, TELL THEM YOU ARE FBI, TELL THEM ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR- TRUST ME-ITS FUNMy answering machine received the same message about IRS fraud- The caller identified himself as someone from the Internal Revenue "Services", but the static on the phone line and his thick, possibly Indian, accent prevented my hearing his name- I heard the words "arrest" and "lawsuit", and "do not disregard" within the bad connection- I am appalled that people actually fall for this- He finished with "thank you very much", as it is best to be polite when you are trying to steal from a strangerso I just started getting these calls at :am to :pm on october nd- call in that short amount of time- I called the number back and it was a recording- It said to speak to a customer rep press one, to put your number on our do not call list press two- so i pressed two and the voice apologized for the inconvience and said we have been put on the do not call list- then the phone hung up-call the number and listen to the options- PRESSThe Call is like this- "This is LA Fitness- It is important that our member contact us about a change in their membership status- The number is , Again,"it repeats- I never had this membership before, and This call has been more than a week This isn't a valid phone number New Jersey area code but no such exchange- I found it while reviewing call logs- *Maybe* it is an overseas Skype call, as we do have family in the UK- Skype calls usually show up as "unknown"- But most likely it was just a telemarketer's Robocall using a spoofed number- I dunno- Anybody got any ideas what exchange "" in New Jersey could be?This scammer texted me about buying a pc I had on craigslist- He offered extra for shipping but would only pay through paypal- I'd listed for - I got an e-mail from what looked exactly like Paypal would send- saying he had paid them and they'd put it in my account as soon as I sent them a shipping confirmation number- Then another e-mail with the shipping address in Nigeria- It would have been to ship to Nigeria- He kept texting saying he'd put in but he needed it shipped today- I contacted the real Paypal and they had no transactions from this crook- I kept my pc- Advice is never ship to Nigeria and never ship without contacting the real paypal first-ps same caller used different numbers over days: this one, and , and - (no area code)There was a bad connection, but I think they said they were with a heating and air duct cleaning company and it was time for my annual cleaning and asked if I was still at (my address) and like an idiot I said yes- They caught me off guard as my ac is out and I was just going to call on a repair This number , was given to my mum over the internet, he said he was in London, so mum had to use the area code and of course to call out from Australia, but when i have checked this number out it is saying it is a USA number in Nevada, he is a scammer i believe because he said he is german, but he sounds like my doctor who is Nigerian, my mother has lost money to this man and wont believe us that he is a scammer can anyone give me more info on who this is pleasethis is latest in the current criminal calls from Chicago, area- See also: () , , , , , , , , , as of - Names so far: Kenneth Koromkoez, Kenneth Kornokiewicz, Michelle E- Cattron- All reported to FCC, no action taken as yet- I don't answer unknown calls so don't know exactly what this is but I have personal or business connection in Chicago I also received a call from , and now they changed the number to call back , and have threatened to come and arrest me at my place of employment- Call the ftc and report them as I was informed this is a scam and using illegal practice by threatening to arrest At :pm some named 'Tom Green' trying to say I called him by leaving the message that he was'calling back to see if I was still having problems making my mortgage payment' which I do not have - a mortgage that is See if one of the free call blocking apps will work for your cell- One is called Mr- number-Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actioncomplaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx?Ember Atwell has written a brief introduction to Christian Purity Culture.Ember has also been busy making signs, art, and decorations for the Impurity Ball.

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You have not won big bucks from a benign benefactor, a pot of pesos from PCH, dinero from a doctor, or a grant from a gracious government We received a call from this number this morning from a guy named Chris- He told us that he wanted to sell us an ad in Golf and Leisure magazine- He started out nice, then we asked him for statistics on his current customers- He said no one has ever asked him that before and told us how great his magazine is- We said we needed to pray about it, and that is where he became belligerent- He said he had a dead line to meet and we needed to do it- Then he said he was going to call us times a day- SCAM SCAM SCAMSomeone called me and said she was looking for Rebecca- Told me that Rebecca had just given her my number as hers- I told her no Rebecca here- She said sorry Bella, have a nice day- I NEVER gave her my name Received am automated call from this number- It was instigated by a family member pushing the panic button on the Life app- It gave a name and approximate location of the family member- Nice to know the app works I have been recieving these calls for quite some time now and finally talked to a person- The are a company that promotes a work from home program- I wish I would have gotten the company name but I was so p'd off that I went off on the lady- I'm sry that I don't have more info but I figured I'd pass this along Got a call from this number asking for my ex - since he has never had this number I asked who she was and she said DECA - I asked what does that stand for she said no- - I said no what does your business do she said it is important that they speak with him and I told her until I knew what the call was about I was not message service- She refused to give me more information and hung up on me- I tried to call back to get my number removed and they hung up on me without saying a word WARNING THIS NUMBER IS A SCAMSee the following website for more informationwww-ripoffreport-com reports Rip Off-htm That guy in that report probably became liable to his bank for the , from this SCAM, and ended up owing his bank, thus HE GOT RIPPED OFF I was ALMOST scammed by people at this number who were posing as people who worked for "Publisher's Clearing House, Inc-" It was a VERY VERY close variation of this scam: www-scam-com showthread-php?

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