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That they were built in wood and earth implies considerable effort.

Four years earlier, he had been brought a handful of ceramic sherds collected in a field in Cerny, a village 25 miles south of Paris, and he saw them as evidence of a heretofore unknown civilization.

The Cerny culture was no longer hypothesis, but historical fact. C., a people known as the Danubians migrated from central Europe into the Parisian basin, their westernmost settlement.

They brought with them agriculture and animal husbandry and met the indigenous Mesolithic people who lived by hunting and gathering.

We had just discovered what archaeologists now call Passy-type structures, tombs belonging to the Cerny people which, though poor in grave goods, have yielded human remains.

Archaeologists conducting aerial reconnaissance began to watch for these lines, and it wasn't long before a score of new sites was discovered; a half-dozen have been excavated in the past decade.

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While we are very familiar with Cerny ceramics (exemplified by the sherds Bailloud examined), their economy (a mixture of farming and hunting), and some of their necropolises.