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These will be discussed in more detail in the following sections. The time required for the maximum daughter activity is t To make a decay calculation within Nucleonica, the user must first select the Decay Engine from the Application Centre on the main page.

In secular equilibrium, the half-life of the parent is much longer than that of the daughter i.e. Hence in radioactive equilibrium the ratio of the numbers, and the masses are constant whereas the activities are equal. As the half-lives of the parent and daughter become more equal, the attainment of equilibrium becomes more delayed. Thereafter, the nuclide of interest can be selected using the drop down menus.

On changing the entry in the unit list box one obtains 2.7e-5 Ci, 2.4e-8 g, 2.4e14 atoms.For L = 1 (the default value used in the calculation), the numbers are evaluated at the time t.For L = 2, the numbers are evaluated at t/2, and t.One can, however, evaluate the probability that a nucleus will decay in a time interval.The basic relation governing radioactive decay, first identified by Rutherford, is where the left hand side gives the rate of decay of the atoms Q in terms of the number of atoms Q and a decay "constant" k which is the probability per unit time that a nucleus will decay.

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As an example, consider the radioactive decay of Ac225.

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