My secretary is very accomidating

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My secretary is very accomidating

Regular follow-up is part of her service so that she is assured that the hearing aids she suggested are properly adjusted and are really the right ones for you. Gostomelsky has helped my sister Heidi for the last 5 years and has been wonderful! Sheri twice for a routine hearing test and have found her very competent.If you need help with hearing properly, she can change your life for the better. Heidi visits annually from Texas and is always so happy to make her appointments here because of the great service and all of the hearing aid supplies that Dr. She has a warm manner and is willing to explain things. Sheri Gostomelsky’s assistance and advice has helped me select my second pair of hearing aids that provide me with improved hearing in many different settings.The entire process of being tested and then fitted for my hearing aids went as well as I would ever dream. As a small aside, Sheri is the best ear-wax cleaner around . Prior to seeing Sheri I and saw another Audiology group for a year and half.I also have been pleased with how she has been able to adjust and tweak my hearing aids so that I am completely satisfied with how well I can distinguish speech now. During that time I was fitted or should say not fitted for several hearing aids. I write this review for Audiologist, Sheri Gostomelsky, with great pleasure.

In addition to the basic setting I have a program to hear clearer in noisy restaurants with a lot of background noise.

I had a big problem with hearing but after many visits she found a solution to help me. I wish that all doctors would take the extra time to get to know their patients a little better as she does.

I’m sure others would have said that, that was the best that they could do. If you have hearing issues, she is a professional that you can trust to provide you will the most professional service.

Sheri would not let me go till I was satisfied, so I can’t thank her enough. If you are taking an elderly parent there, she is the audiologist you must see! If you have trouble hearing, like millions of other people, and if you are in Chicago or the north suburbs, do yourself a favor, and make an appointment with Dr. Thanks to her, I can hear in stereo for the first time in my life!

I highly recommend Audiology Associates of Deerfield. Purchasing a hearing device is a long-term commitment and in the four years that my mom has been seeing her, we have always been thrilled by the treatment. Other doctors (not board-certified audiologists) said hearing aids wouldn’t help, and I believed them for too many years. Great Audiologist As a physician dealing with an aging population with hearing issues, it is so comforting to know that patients I send to Dr.

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