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It was barely two months later when my whole world came crashing down.

James told me he didn't love me anymore, and that we weren't the same people we were when we met.

Perhaps studying the subject reignited his passion, I don't know.

He worshipped at an independent Christian church and as I spent most weekends with him, I started going along with him on some Sundays.

It should have been an exciting time for us, but it wasn't.But we both grew up, and it became his life choice, whether I liked it or not.It comes down to this: I wasn't willing to change, and neither was he.Fast forward three years, when James opted to study Religion and Theology at uni, I wasn't worried.It was also around this time that he started going back to church regularly.

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I was defensive from the off, and could always find something to argue against in the teachings.

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