Are brian murphy and emily axford dating

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“We like to use the characters who aren’t Murph and Emily to tell all of the dating, first date, hooking up kinds of stories,” says Axford.

Being able to play multiple characters is one of the benefits of bringing the show to television, where they have a bigger budget, which means they can afford wigs and different costumes.

“Our own stories that we do as the main narrative arc end up being the things that are pulled from our real life, like Emily refusing to go to the doctor and drinking mushroom tea instead.” “My friend had an ongoing thing that she was telling me about and I was like, ‘This is a nightmare,’ ” said Axford.In one recent scene they shot, Murphy was responsible for playing both an Uber driver and another character Axford was trying to take care of in the backseat; he used the time when they were shooting Axford’s parts to make his costume changes. “There’s a been a ton of wardrobe changes and wigs changes.” Adds Axford, “Never a dull moment.” Arnett is a busy guy; however, he has still made time to check in with the team and even guest-star.“He’s been tremendously advantageous to us,” says executive producer Luke Kelly-Clyne.Axford and Murphy star, playing multiple couples and even some of the supporting characters.Arnett makes recurring appearances throughout the season along with a line-up of guest stars.

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“Because there is that cadence, which is partially glorious and also partially super annoying.

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