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Obviously professional needs are different, and events like the World Cup have different requirements, but as Tech Crunch reported, Livestream provided the offical live broadcast for Times Square NYE....

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Start by sweeping the base shade all over the lid.....

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All my school programs relate to Common Core Educational Standards....

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This means 20% less consumption and 20% off your electric bill....

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Sure, people knock off a few years here or there and might use a picture that’s six months out of date, but, if someone has minimal information about themselves or one grainy picture be aware that they might not be who they say they are....

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That is the only official notification of a problem- It is also ILLEGAL to make threats (jail) and pay or else- Phone calls mean NOTHING It is also illegal to claim to be a police officer if you are not (and I doubt he is)-Report him to your state attorney general-Read "Lamet's" comments a few posts above yours- There is plenty of information on this scam Lady asked for the original business owner, who sold the shop in - They keep telling me that I need to verify my Google listing, but I did so ages ago when I bought the place- Told them to stop calling me This is a warning to anyone who might receive a letter from Canada, alerting you that you have won a lottery- The scam states that before you receive your prize you are required to pay taxes on the winnings- The notification also includes a counterfeit check to cover the taxes- If you deposit the check it will not be honored by your bank-The letterhead might include the following fictitious company names: Index Financial Services Goldrain Financial Services Region Financial Services Royal Trust Financial Services Prime Financial Services Ameriprice Lottery Syndicates The telephone number originates from Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have posted a warning about this scam on their website:www-rcmp-grc-gc-ca scams-fraudes prize-prix-pitch-gagne-eng-htm It appears that most of the targeted victims are in the United States- If you have received a letter or check from these people please:- do not call the number listed- do not give them any information about yourself- do not cash the check- contact your local FBI office and file a complaint If enough people raise a warning about this scam to law enforcement, hopefully these scam artists will be brought to justicejust happened to me to "hi this is Eagle" and cuts off- I believe the is from Endurance Warranty- They sell Automobile Extended Warranties- I was checking on such for a client of mine, and now they have my phone number- I think this is a bad solicitation method Sad thing is, I'm Chun Evans and i have NO idea who these people are or what they want- They have crossed so many legal lines with all the harassing calls to my work, parents home, mother's place of employment, etc- What can i do about this?...

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